Welcome to Dynasty of Port Washington, a treasured family-owned business on the waterfront in Port Washington’s Inspiration Wharf for nearly 20 years.


Owner and head chef, John Moy, has been creating one-of-a-kind authentic Chinese cuisine and is proud to have built a loyal following around his single Port Washington location for all these years. His long-time success in the competitive restaurant business is proof that customers truly love his food, his friendly service and the beautiful ambience of his restaurant – once a sailboat storage building - with impressive 25-foot ceilings.


Whether you wait at the well-equipped bar for your take-out order while watching the game, or savor some down-time to dine in with family or friends, you will truly enjoy the various mouth-watering dishes John creates.


John loves his work and knows all of his repeat customers by name.  It’s no surprise that actors and celebrities stop in to enjoy John’s exquisite Chinese cuisine. Some have taken the time to pose for photos with John. Signed, framed photographs are displayed proudly on the walls when you enter the restaurant. And John treats everyone like a star when they enter his restaurant, but especially his Grandchildren. Their pictures are hung proudly on the walls, too.


Reviews from Zagat’s and The New York Times have long praised John’s cuisine and service, but what’s truly important to John is that his customers – whether a first-timer or a hundredth-timer – truly loves to eat what he prepares. John goes out of his way to ensure your dishes are fresh, and catered to your specific tastes and needs.


When you crave a unique, dining experience with delectable dishes, John delivers.  Take for instance his original creation with tender jumbo shrimp sautéed in a creamy Grand Marnier sauce with crispy broccoli, lychee fruit and pineapple. “To die for,” said customers about his original dish. Even John’s house fried rice with baby shrimp and vegetables is a meal in itself.  John prepares and cooks the vegetables so crisp, they retain the flavor and nutrients you expect from fine Chinese cuisine the way it was meant to be eaten. John specifically selects his own fish, vegetables and cuts of meat for entrees and specials prepared the same day, and you can taste the difference in freshness from the first bite.


Dynasty of Port Washington offers intimate settings for two or a private room for you to host your special event for both luncheons and dinners. It’s simple to choose your appetizers and entrees from a wide variety of fresh, savory soups, dumplings, noodles, rice, meat, fish, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.


Experience for yourself the finest Chinese food Long Island offers and has been offering right here in Port Washington every day, seven days a week, 364 days a year for 18 years.  And yes, it’s true, John takes only one day off each year. It’s on Thanksgiving and you won’t see him at the restaurant because it’s closed just on that one day.


From John’s family to you, your family and dear friends, a heartfelt thank you for all these years of tremendous meals and memories. We look forward to continuing to serve you the best Chinese cuisine and deliver more exquisite dishes in the years to come. Thank you.